Sad Eyes

Nothing but a pair of sad eyes
With a forceful, fake smile
Have I become, it's a suprise
That you, dear, look no better,


What could have happened to youm dear
That left your heart in these shards?
What being hurt you so severe?
Your blue, sad eyes share something new.


I am no more broken than you,
The thought of death keeps me up.
There may be something we can do
To save us both from this pain.


Perhaps if we were together,
Our demons would play nice
And run off with one another.
Would peace finally come too?


Will it bring us joy forever?
Is it worth risking at all?
We're so perfect for each other.
Our hearts have become one.


Have our sad eyes turned joyful?
Have the demons gone away?
You have made life much less painful,
And peace has finally come.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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