Save Some Water for the Fish


Save some water for the fish
The owners and their guests are carelessly ashing their cigarettes into the fish tanks, tossing in pop cans filled with black liquid that read... "BP." There is mass fluoridation in the forms of purification and filtration of these fish tanks, acting as nostrum for the fish’s damaged fins. This is FOR the fish, like for the people. Their only domain has become compiled with waste and putrid fish flesh from the schools of goldfish whose lungs couldn't take the pollution. There is no escaping when they are topped in by some dominant foreign hand with no imprints or ridges. It only pretends it's human…. We are these same fish, vished by the crooked system and held against our will. The leaders that hover over the once pure in BREED people have embedded their common hatred and GREED into us. We are no longer swimming freely... But reeled, wired and gutted by their touch of doom. The water is no longer fit for the fish, like the air no longer bearable to breathe. The spills have clogged up their gills like artificial foods our own arteries and we flopping around and gasping for the renewal of our most common life source. Our worlds have turned green with scum and feces and we are shit, out of luck. We are on the brink of bursting and most of us are slumped over, drowning in a sea and cannot see the full dynamics of it because our vision is Peripheral like the letter C. We have to become 360. But I don't feel bachelors and master degrees will ultimately help we. ZOOM OUT and save some water for the fishies. (Zoom out!!) And save some water for the fishies. Zoom out and save some water for the fishies.


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