Scarlet (Someone Care Allowing Reality Lets Evidence tell nothing but her Truth),

This is someone I met awhile ago with a heart as beautiful as a colorful colorado morning sky,

she was born in 93 fighting tough battles since day one and continues to do what she knows to survive the pain some can't understand,

mind is creative and ready to be taught and heart shines brighter than a diamond that got dug from a far,

body like a wine glass that make her look nice, but with all the cuts and bruises she has been the best slice a brother,

her mother our father could ask for, tough crowds never made her crawl back in to her hole to hide,

it pushed her to stand out and stand tall, those scar lets her express her strength,

no matter how much she was forced to bend, the idea of a independent woman gives her a different image in the eyes of the strong,

real recognize real and she's done so much, from crying alone so that no one see her pain,

to the world judging her steady movement never taking the blame as to what their doing to the innocents of a loan woman,

she leant out her heart and got arrows in return, they packed her innocents in barrels and sent it Down to hell,

she almost gave up and let go of her own self, she chance a lot and has no remorse on her reaction towards pain debt cause the man, guy, girl, chick,

or thing never apologized for the mistakes they never bothered to take blame in,

or even part of the shame in, How she was named scarlet,

has so many scars but never let that define who she is, what's she's done where she went or where she's been,

been threw so much and had no choice but to defend, her pride as a gangsta is to ride or die,

truth be told I wonder how many lies would she have to hear before she get the brighter side of her gold,

grown up so fast she fails to check her boots, she's leaving behind a part of her that wants to be exposed,

it ain't her fault she sometimes want to explode, backed  up anger would be hard to let go, but knowing scar will one day let that pain go.

Sometimes Our greatest success usually came from our deepest nightmare.


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