Thu, 11/13/2014 - 20:51 -- AJay

My body is the twisted trunk of tree

Charred, cracked and broken

The branches that reach up the the sky

Are filled with lines where scissors tore my skin open

My leaves are scratches, freckles, and pimples

And everyone I claim as my own

My tree probably still looks no different from the rest

Because I hide these scars in my soul


My head is the blood moon in a night sky

With craters and cracks from age

My eyes are two vast open seas

In which you can read my story page by page

My nose is a rocky mountain

For the snow didn't want to share its softness

My mouth is a large gaping hole

That lacks the sound to go with its openness


My body is a long vast curving hillside

That man may only hope to call his own

And what I have in curvacous diamonds

Makes up for how little I've grown

My body is covered in grass

But I hope it doesn't repel humanity

And last but not least, we get to my feet

And if I stumble one more time, I'll lose my sanity


My flaws make up a 24-carat diamond

But the diamond is much too shy

Mirrors reflect back the beauty I possess

As ugliness to those large eyes

I can't look at my body without gagging

And I spent my time staring at the floor

But If I continue this list

I could go on for a year or four


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