Screw the World

Sun, 05/04/2014 - 02:30 -- Camey_

Screw this world for screwing me over

Because the moment I learned to walk, it lifted my skirt and took away my purity with a touch of a twisted fate

It became a cursed spot and an attraction for perverted fingers

They crawled up my legs when no one was looking and whispered that I shouldn’t be afraid

But the world knew how destroyed I was,

Because no four year old should have her flower touched or her undeveloped breasts fondled

And a child between the ages of four and six should not have to touch a man’s junk or put her mouth on it because she’s told it’s good for her

And she shouldn’t feel the hard lump in a man’s pants grinding against her dress

And she shouldn’t have to feel molested when she’s held in someone's arms

And when she’s between the ages of six and nine, she shouldn’t have to have it happen to her again and again and again by other men

And when she’s between the ages of nine and twelve, she shouldn’t have to see her mother get called a b*tch and slapped and beat on a daily basis

And her routine before bedtime shouldn’t be to check for the silhouette by her bed that liked to feel around the preteen bush inside her developing areas

And she shouldn’t have to hide inside a closet and sleep only a couple hours a night while telling herself death would be so much better

She shouldn’t have been bullied throughout all those years and she damn well shouldn’t have cut her wrist and thighs or tried killing herself

The world stuck it hard and dry up my rear end and pulled it out expecting me to stand up straight when it told me to get good grades and live a profound life

It told me that if my rank and gpa went down, my options of colleges and scholarships would grow increasingly smaller

But is ceased to tell me that throughout its little screw fest, I’d be acquiring the world’s STD’s of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and A-D-H-F*cking-D

Screw this world for making me dumb and numb from all the years of trauma and screw it for letting it affect my future

Because it failed to tell our demanding society that I am not okay with what it’s done to me



Absolutely love this. Great job. 


Thank you so much! :)

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