A Sea of Thoughts

A sea of thoughts

Keeping me awake,

Millions swimming around me,

Yet you're the most prominent one,

The one demanding my attention the most.

What is it about you?

Is it your compelling eyes,

Your soft lips,

Your sweet, melodic voice

That makes me melt?

Could it be your soft hands,

Your gentle touch

I can still feel on my skin?

Is it your breath on my neck,

Your quiet whispers in my ear,

Your words swimming around in my heart?

It's as if I'm drunk off the thought of you.

A sea of thoughts

Keeping me awake.

Drunken thoughts swim around me,

Pulling me down,

Drowning me.

Millions of thoughts surrounding me

And yet,

The thought of you

Is the only one that keeps me afloat.

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