Searching for Seity

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 00:38 -- Javax


Let me tell you a story:

    It's about a young girl.

        Her childhood had no worries,

            But one ruthless day changed her world.


Laughter-filled days,

    Seemingly endless smiles,

        Time went by in a daze.

            She overcame numerous trials.


She was kind to everyone.

    She even loved school.

        Oh boy, so much fun!

            "Be happy" was the number one rule.


But one horrible day came;

    A day that changed her life.

        Ignored protests, innocence maimed,

            All previous purity cut out with a butcher knife.


Her perspective had changed:

    "The world is so cruel."

        "Society is terribly deranged."

            "You know what? Fuck school!"


Depression-controlled days,

    Self harm became regular,

        They say, "It's just a phase!"

            A "phase" is wanting to be hit by a car?


Bullying became a problem.

    There was no more stability.

        She began to become more solemn.

            She was losing touch with reality.


She began to think she was exaggerating,

    So she hid behind a mask.

        Her will to live was evaporating,

            Getting through the day was just another task.


On stage, she was a performer,

    Acting out what others wanted to see.

        But backstage, she was a lurker,

            Hiding in the shadows, she was practically lost at sea.


Despite her two best friends,

    She was falling farther and deeper.

        She needed to see through a new lens

            Before she would meet the reaper.


Finally, she couldn't take it anymore.

    She was tired of hiding.

        No more pain, no more internal war.

            Finally, she cut the last string.


The war had now ended.

    The innocent girl now lives with a higher deity.

        She never did get mended.

             She never did find her seity.


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