The Secret Side

Who is this person that speaks to you now?

Is she a friend, or foe, or is she a clown?

Can you truly tell who you are talking to?

Can you really know what kinds of things they will do?

Do you see souls in their eyes or a dark empty void?

Maybe it's just me; maybe I'm just paranoid,

But I can speak from experience when I say,

People aren't one color; they are fifty shades of gray,

Pardon that reference but you get what I mean,

Some may act stupid though they are actually keen,

Looks and impressions, as you know, can be deceiving,

They act as a cover for the real thing,

I hide behind a personality depending on the crowd that I'm with,

I can turn into an extrovert, call myself Smith,

One thing that's good for everyone to hide,

Is that dark, twisted mind, what you call a dark side,

Sometimes it's better to pretend you're at a masquerade,

It can hide your imperfections, it makes you unafraid,

Though most people, like me, wish to speak from the heart,

We are scared of being judged, having our reputations torn apart,

Though pretending to be someone we aren't isn't too smart,

I say we take baby steps to begin a new start,

Lying is an act many people do quite often,

But one day I will stop acting, be ready to soften,

I think I just need some time to adjust,

I am still filled with anxieties, have too much distrust,

When I feel that I can be judged with pure open-mindedness,

That's the day I will shed my layers and develop decisiveness.





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