The Secrets She Hides


You see the pain in her eyes, behind her smile the fear she has. In the corner crunched up pouring out a river. She never knew why he did it, he just wanted to feel manly. Did he ever LOVE them? He didnt know how! He said she was his little girl his princess, but then grabbed her by the hair and beats her up like and punching bag. You look at her eyes and behind them she hides she hides the image of that day. Her life will never be the same afraid of him and the fear to get hurt again. Her little hands wrapped around her mother, now she tells her, "I won't let nobody hurt us again we are stronger and together makes one tough ocean, we are scared for life but we are angels saved." He still doesn't know how hurt his litle girl is and now he is trying to fix his past. She hides the secrets of her pain. OH! but all he wanted was to feel manly not know who he hurt. Little does he know these birds are stronger!


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