I am a leader, it may sound cliche but I am a leader. I am me. Simple and as complicated as that may sound; I live life like any other teenage girl would but I am a leader. When asked "Can you...?" my answer is always yes. When told, "You're too small", "You're not smart enough", "You're not...". They fail to notice that I am. I can do anything I set my mind to and when I have passion I can turn a seed into a tree. I may just be a girl but I have generations of wisdom inside of me. I may just be seventeen but I can dance to swing from the 20's as if it is no one elses business. I am me and don't you forget that I am great. I will take my selfies and I will flaunt my body because I know that I look amazing. I will study for my classes becuase I know that one day it will benefit me, whether I be an athletic trainer or the president, I know that someday all of this will be worth it. I am me. I can tackle in rugby and throw in track but no one knows that I write. I write when I am bored. I write when I am sad. I write and I am an okay writer. I am me and I don't do everything right. There are times where I am completely unmotivated to do anything at all and that is okay. There are times when I don't want to be a leader but I still do. I am me and that's alright with me. I have my curly hair and clumsy dance moves, a crooked smile and a chin held high when I walk. I am me and that's all I want to be.

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