Selling 1996

Sat, 12/06/2014 - 14:22 -- ZHurd15


I was born, generation 96,
Where computer bugs are fixed,
And everything is yours with button and a click,
Where everyones demanding 
And you can wage war with a computer keyboard
Where children run wild
religions out of style,
Faded blue jeans plus,
Swagger is how we paint the new scene,
And you aren’t any different if you don’t walk persistent and learn to lead the crowd,
Hate, it isn’t something that you’re born with, 
It’s something that your taught
We were taught to hate a nation
We were taught to hate a lot,
Trust, this is much bigger than me, 
It’s much bigger than we, 
This is much bigger than us
It’s bigger than nike shoes, 
And rocking them taylor chucks
It’s bigger than nightly news,
And bigger than Donald duck
Yup, Something that can’t be touch 
It’s a little bit of hope a little bit of trust
Rocking your first show and seeing the hands up
It’s a mother first child,
A baby’s first smile 
It’s the purity of man without living in denial, 
Your future, your present, past,
It’s living for the moment you’re breathing right now 

Look around and everywhere you go
Broken people on the streets
Broken down roads where the towns are gentrified 
Death rates are high, which leads to a broken soul
But take a second slow down, breath the air around 
Stop feeling sorrow
Let’s replace the liquor stores with a children’s playground 
But hey,
If you never start to day you’ll never finished tomorrow
Any day now
You can learn to be creative or you can learn to stay down
Learn to say a prayer while rocking faded hand me downs,
"But if you really love the people you won’t put your hands down,"
Muslims, Christians, and Jews, Baha’u’llah, Budda, God,
we’re just trying to get by, 
It’s more than codeine and smoking some nicotine 
It’s learning to be a teacher and educating these teens
You art is a paint brush you've been painting the whole scenes
Cause if you only love yourself, have you really learn to live?

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