I can put together a game sprtie with no problems. 

i can build large lego sets with over 2000 pieces in under 24 hours.

i bed red in pokemon soul silver after only 4 other tries

i can bake cookies that a soft and chewy that can make anyone go 'woah'

i can pitch and put up a tent by myself with no problems

i made it into the order of the arrow

i created a club in my school dedicated to anime 

i have friends that are always by my side

i found diamonds in minecraft

i faced a creeper and lives to tell the tale 

i passed my 8th grade constituiton test with a 100%

i can go on all day about what makes me flawless, becasue i have been able to learn from my past mistakes in all of those accomplishments. i am flawless becasue i have flaws, but they don't bother me. 


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