A Servant's Prayer

Father, At times like this, I need your comfort;

Your loving arms to hold me tight.

I need that still small voice to tell me,

"Child, It will be alright."


Lord, I believe. Though, sometimes I waver.

If you could, Master, Help thou mine unbelief.

I need the strength of my sweet savior,

my noble prince, my glorious chief.


I'm thankful for all that thou hast given;

This beautiful earth, the gospel, my family too.

I know at times I take for granted,

these blessings, these privileges, these great gifts from you.


Father, I am unworthy, but Christ can make me pure;

Because of his great sacrifice, he'll help me out, I'm sure.

He'll help me through this week’s trials, which indeed, I'm bound to face;

I'm so grateful for thy atonement, and its redeeming grace.


Here I am Lord, make me thy servant,

To bring thy sheep into thy fold.

I love thee father, and for that I'll serve thee,

With all my heart, might, mind, and soul.

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