Shades of Beige

Sun, 02/23/2014 - 01:09 -- Dicey

So you want to change?

I do.

It seems so easy 

So there

So right



If I could change anything

It would be perception


My Community 

The world?

We are all human.


Our perception changes that

If I could change anything 

It would be to see the world in beige 



Same yet unique


Now myself I see

A girl who is lost in the sea

of faces who seem

to have it all figured out

Who turned there backs on me

When I decided on college at 17


My community wears a set of black colored glasses

No not rose

Not open and free

We categorize, segregate, separate

Based on who a person is

Not on what they can do and become


The world sees a mirage

A cookie cutter goal

However, like little kids

We all want a different shape

A mold

The world is childish because it can't agree


But everything can change

Sometimes in a blink of an eye

But not these

We are human


These things will take time



To be more sure


Live free

Of ideals of those who surround me

Do what is right simply for me


My community

Take off ALL the glasses and finally SEE

In beige 

All the same yet unique

To be who we were meant to be

To be, become, begin where we are our own shade of beige


The world to grow up

An old overused mold of a flower or a new shape of a prince

It is perception that truly shows what we want to see

The beauty of tradition is just as important as a new reign

But we must live in a world all shades of beige

Where we can be human and humane


Now isn't that easy?


It is not and will never be. 

But we can hope, live, contribute, and CHANGE

And someday live in a world that sees in shades of beige

Same yet uniquely equal in our own kind of way






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