The Shadows of Her Life


Flowers bloom as she stays shut hiding away pain of nights.

She smiles contently, though seen to be exhausted and tired.

Eyes like beds of soft green grass beautifully shining like an unspoken song,

But dimmed with a look of despair in their reflection.

Arms which arm frozen still, so weakened that she may break with one mere touch.

Throughout the pain of her life her lips still curl like flames of fire.

She turns all the darkest places into those filled with lights.

With small hopes and large lies—to her simple dreams she bids good bye.


Flushed cheeks washed of their color from memories of fear.

Her words are all filled with darkness from the loneliest past.

Hair blown forcefully in the wind becomes a mass of knots.

Her face is sweetly full of sorrow that seems to always last.

Her body lined with wounds looking like they were painted on for show,

From the battles fought—both present and past woven within.


Her small hands, outstretched high, are waving as to hide their fear.

Her frail body, fragile as glass, doesn’t show what she’s sacrificed.

Her smooth skin at first glance rests beaten, bruised and bloody.

Such a sad sight that a life so young is forced to pay this high price.

She gives the will of her freedom to prevent others tears.

She is scared with only the shadows to protect her side.

In the darkness—she alone—is the only light to guide.


Her home is not safe as we are the danger that she finds.

Most threatening to her—the caretaker—who stays only for fun.

With simple words and simple hands, he bound her to a life not lead.

Trapped in her mind and in herself she screams to a darkened sun.

She stays crystallized in her single solitary mind.

Running always as she stood still.

Nightmares speeding out of control became her only life.


She has faces painted on to make up for smiles that have been lost.

That young girl is worried, but not for the pain of herself—

Instead she grieves of others pain by that evil man’s hands.

Scared to talk, she fears that what is trapped deep inside will be shown.

She pushes away her happiness to save others at any cost.

Victimized to her discontent she was hurt inside and out.


She falls deeper and deeper into clinical despair.

Unable to see the light with clouds enclosing where she stood.

Her world is filled with many horrors surrounded in deep gray.

The lies and abuse of her life destroy the phrase “Childhood”.

Though innocence always follows along, no one is truly there.

She grows up solemnly in pitch black darkness.


Overwhelming shadows follow each step to her future.

There are people that hurt her and mean to harm her.

Darkened people threaten the light that she has always shown.

Her beautiful heart distracts those small green eyes filled with pain.

Her nature has been stolen away from all that is known.

She lived only a short life where she had to grow and mature.

She became a woman in her mere childhood years.


Recollections of smiling truthfully no longer show.

The beautiful memories of lying under the sun have been shattered apart.

A child that’s not the same—differences only being as seen.

A simple young child who has always been scared and alone.

Forced through all the years she was pushed down in multiple means.

Forced to hide the horrible pain only she could know,

She was a beautiful child lost in her fear.

She was forced to the unspeakable for all of her years.


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