Shamed and Pained



What a shame

To see all these beautiful creatures held up in chains

Connected to old car tires and metal stakes hidden deep in the woods these dogs are all afraid

They fight to the death in a bloodied death cage

And even as the whimper and whine and cry out as their last breath is slowly being chomped away

The evil beings that brought the fighting down to the  k’s

Just laugh or shake their fists in rage

As they watch these beautiful creatures be brought to the grave

And when the death match is over and done back into the woods they go with barely any shelter

No food nor any water

And still more chains

Adult dogs are hidden there but sadly there are little puppies to

And now their life is a never ending raging war

Until of course their death brought upon them in the bloodied death bed

But sometimes

If they are lucky enough

They are saved but even still

It's usually not enough to keep the pain away

No one wants them cause they think they are violent

When really they just want a second chance

It's not like they wanted to fight it was forced upon them in severe ways

But still

They are shamed