Shatter the Mirror

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 00:00 -- ALS

Curl my hair and make up my face.

I have to look cute or school is a waste

I'm here for the boys. I'm here to complain.

"Ew science is gross! Math is a pain!"

I'm a small town girl. I'm pretty.

I need to find a boyfriend so he can be witty.

Why would I be judged if they knew I was smart?

Why does my face, not my brain, have to set me apart?

Knowledge is a gift. Science is my passion.

But wait, I can't say that, lets talk about fashion.

I feel a rush like adrenaline in class,

when I finally understand, and ideas come into grasp.

Was I smiling? I hope not. That would make me a nerd.

If I want to be normal, I'll forget these words.

I want to shatter the mirror. I want to close my eyes.

When I change the world, they'll all be surprised.





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