Shattered Dreams


The broken mirror of my dreams
Lies shattered on the floor
How hollow life doth seem
It shakes my being to the core.

Who is that staring back at me?
Through the shattered imagery.
All I see is a broken soul
A person tired, worn and old.
Not physically old, but weary from the obstacles of life.
A Destiny of Declivity with strenuous strife.

So close to tasting the water of my dreams
A rich and flourishing stream
Suddenly vapourized 
It forms a mist
What is this?
Was it all an illusion? A trick?
Brick by brick I built my dream..
To have it all eradicated in what seems
Like a foolish illusion to begin with.

A  mirage of the mind
Flowing through time
PLease help me rewind.
So I can build a new dream
from this evaporated stream.

Life is a cycle so I do not fear
Because I know my dream is near
This mist will condense and fall upon the earth
As rain, that I shall taste without haste
the stream of my dream
It shall invigourate my soul
And finally make me whole.

Dreams never meet demise
It's just a matter of dim eyes
Percerived with real eyes
Is a dream truly realized.


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