She is Me.

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 03:30 -- Raedia


“So smart.” “So Strong.” “So Brave.”

“She’s the one who has it all together.”

“She’s the one that’ll make it.”

She’s the one that is falling to pieces.

She’s the one who is about to break.

She’s the one who’s wavering on the edge.

“Everyone loves her.”

“Her smile is so bright.”

“She has the highest grades.”

Every second she hurts.

Her pain is invisible to your eyes.

She is falling apart in front of you.

“She is always happy.”

Every day she cries.

“She’s a perfect student.”

Every day is a struggle.

“She’s the family’s shining star.”

Every day she bends under pressure.

“Her life is absolutely perfect.”

She is dying inside.

She is me.



I love this!

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