she saved me


were not a carved a silhouette.


A predertermined notion.


Society's rules did not code you

change you

define you, you

ripped them up, rewrote them, made them your own, and oh, how I owe you for including me in them


Pencilled in between the lines, a fine print in your handwriting, unnoticed until you looked closer, closest

stared longer, longest

Squinted so that your eyelashes bent the light between and you saw me for the first time amidst those






plain and ordinary.



a little line of black and white, too afraid to escape the confines of the lines of the paper I was printed on, hilted in, alone and owned like contracts are


until you spattered ink across the page, let it drip down


down to the floor,

touch your skin, let me in let me in --



and you did.  



I seeped through your muscles, into your blood

Pounded round your heart, a flood

of ink and raw emotion, a mesh of melted fuses, an ocean of

copper wires that

poisoned you from the inside out but that's what our love is.






Rewarding as it is deadly, to know that we could

destroy each other, another

human with whom I share the same


the same


the same thoughts

the same lane, road, home, you

are my home, my love, mine and I

am so lucky, you can't understand


To have you with me in the barren wasteland of

my mind, you are the light, the water, needed for surviving, thriving, please --


never change

who you are to me, your grace,

your ease


and I will try my best to be the person you need me to be

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