A Short Synopsis of Senior Year

Within my heart, a terrible fear

Has swelled and beat and filled the ears

One beast I say caused all the tears:

“How to Pay for College.”


For all my life, I’ve loved to dream,

To ply my words to make others beam,

But this looms to end my self-esteem,

This “How to Pay for College.”


This fear I found too great to face,

And with an unusual use of haste,

I found other tasks to take the place

Of “How to Pay for College.”


The months passed slowly, then in a rush,

My procrastination made me blush,

Until I inevitably cried “Shush!”

To “How To Pay For College.”


The monster at last cannot be ignored,

No other aid can be implored,

And here I raise my pen as a sword…

But “How to Pay for College?”


Well, in my hand, there is the trick,

This little plastic writing stick.

My dreams it will write, brick by brick

While I pay for college.


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