For the Show


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

What he does, no one is quite certain

But what is known is horror and pain

For behind the curtain he slowly goes insane


Days, weeks, months, and years

Always hearing applause and cheers

But never knowing the light or the fame

For all he knows is horror and pain



When did it all change?

He used to smile and never be shy

And it all went away in one exchange

His soul, his time, his life, his smile

All for a face, a chance to make change

To sell himself to a place that seemed worthwhile


He traded his words for numbers

His pleasure for a chair

His time for a single letter

His compassion for a ticket

To the next hell


The people oblivious

To the pain

To the tears

To the lies and the years

But so it seems he's fine. He puts on a show


Forget the pain, do it for the shows

The future so certain

Was it worth it, who knows?

But pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.




I freakin love this poem!!!! 


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