Silence I am no more

I kept silent
haunted by my self
the past
In pain, I once was
recalling a voice that was once home
are you there?

"Shh... they'll hear
I can't let them in."
don't cry, cry no more child
you are strong"
"I know not what you see,

In the mirror only I see
Why Create,a monster like me?
I exist as a mockery of life
they know, I know
Mama, I'm different"

"yes,you are"
"But you are not weak"
"You are strong"
"Alone I am. ma"
Can't you see?

no one to hold my little hand
tell me sweet things
tickle my heart
just maybe id feel alive, ignited
full of passion.

Yet i still sit in the chair
empty I am
dreaming of happiness


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