Silent Refusal



I refuse to be

Just another part
Of humanity
I refuse to be
Just another girl
Walking along the earth
Waiting for life to unfurl


I refuse to stand
And witness
Waves of distress

Crawling into every corner
Making a mess


I refuse to dispose of my ancestors victories
being nothing but a disappointment
By masking their footsteps
Till no trace is left behind
I refuse to press play
I am willing to rewind
To a time when the truth was right and the wrong was wrong
When the days stretched out with hope
And the nights were strong
When justice prevailed
When evil was veiled
When time was a tool not a game
Of wealth, lies, and fame


I refuse to wear a harness and be shoved and made blind
I’ll plant my hooves in the sand
If I’m kicked from behind
I’ll turn away my ears
I’ll lock away my mind
If they’ll do nothing but keep me confined


I refuse to feel what can’t be felt
See what can’t be seen
The sky won’t always be so blue
The grass so brightly green
Beauty is simplicity
Yet we complicate the world
Bigger is not better
Flashy is not bold
I refuse to walk
When I can fly
Refuse to not ask questions
Like what, how, or why
I refuse to pass by like a shadow unknown
Like a wave that can’t ripple
Like a seed that hasn’t grown
I refuse to all these facts
But is refusal enough?
To wet the dry and too soothe the rough?
Are feelings more than just what they are?
Mindful emotions that don’t carry us far?
Could feelings ever alleviate the pain?
And when will actions begin to take an upper gain?


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