Sittin' On My Block Daydreamin'


I remember it like it was yesterday, sittin' on my block daydreamin'
Sittin' at the bottom of the stairs listenin' to Nay Nay's Bay Bay's screamin'
She knew she needed to give them somethin' her babies had been teethin'
Man, I can remember it was clouding my thoughts, I couldn't go nowhere to think
I would be sittin' outside with no air to breathe

You wouldn't have believed I had been in San Francisco that past week
Learnin' the thoughts that millionaire's think
All because of this insurance opportunity
It had me so excited, but my spirit was weak
Like it was missing important qualities to bring about this dream

I can remember all this talk of residual income, passive income, and royalties
All these money patterns, I never did see
Schoolin' had me caught up in the rat race chasin' the job dream
See, NOW, I know that ain't for me
I got big goals, I got big dreams

Job chasin', just won't provide the means!
They said I could get paid for my work, and not for my time
Put a little something heavy on this black woman's mind
I had never thought of that...
This insurance was like a link to a road map

Comin' off my block I knew I still had to go in the house and listen to my moms scream
Rather than sit there and continue plottin' out my dreams
How in the hell was I supposed to become somebody?
My house was trashed
Mostly everybody I knew smoked crack

And insurance was looking more and more like a pipe dream,
Something I thought I would never see
In my house, we was fightin' over bread and bananas because we didn't never eat
It was hard enough not to have no babies
With all them cute niggas runnin' around tryin' to play me

I could see it though, I swear I could
And I knew if I didnt give up I would make it out of that hood
I knew that if I searched I would find
A positive influence to help sharpen my mind
I kept thinkin' to myself how can I bring together through space and through time
This image of success so vividly printed on my mind

I knew I had to get up outta there,
And break that generational cycle of welfare
I dreamed this dream
And lived this scene
Where all the men thought saggin' was the thing

It was a long time ago
And all too soon to be forgotten, ya know
What I needed to set me free
To carry the future that I wanted to lead
Lied REAL deep within' that insurance opportunity

Before I could be blessed and given such a gift
There were some foolish habits I first had to part with
It was a job I did need
But it was the process that changed me
Sittin on my block daydreamin'

Bout this new opportunity, that had my spirit feenin'
Feenin' for something God thought would only be fair
To give to those that proceed with much care
While chasin' that dream I had at the bottom of those stairs
To sharpen that fierce fight that was always there

Being willin' to travel that road brought my dreams to fruition
Learnin' to have faith in my God given intuition
Was the true job that changed my life path
Lookin' to the inside and doin' the math
Is the only job that changed my life path

Sittin' on my block daydreamin' bout this little opportunity that had me feenin'


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