Skeleton no.1

Mon, 05/14/2018 - 00:47 -- KJSelf

I feel like I have a lot

Of love

And it's stuck inside me.


Where can I put it?

I put it in tears for the heartbroken

I put it in letters for the fatherless

I put it in the poor man's cup

I put it in the gift outside my friend's door


Where can I put it?

I put it in coca cola and pizza

I put a bit in the practice for music

I put it in singing and dancing people

I put it in cuddles with little animals


Where can I put it?

I put it in a meal for a friend

I put it in a phone call for my family

I put it in the toy for a little boy

I put it in the medicine for a sick sister


My heart keeps spilling

Who can collect this mess?

I want to put a little more where I can't


Maybe in someone's little hand

Maybe in conquering monsters under beds

Maybe in staying awake all night - if it gives a little one peace.


Maybe in hurting feet on toys

Maybe in combing baby hairs

Maybe in learning to cook - if it meant keeping a little one healthy.


Maybe in slowing down

Maybe in crying or laughing more

Maybe in trying a bit better and harder - if it meant someone was learning.


My skeletons in the closet are old dreams

They're dead and they can't walk out

They're beautiful and ideal

Unrealistic to the point it's comfortable to keep them there.


So I will continue life and love

While their empty eyes watch me.



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