The sky's drops


It slips between your hands

Like the chances you would've had if you had made a different choice

Whether it was good or bad

The outcome would be different

Even if it is just by a couple words someone says to you

Or the whole conversation

The rain droplets are all the possibilities that you might've had 

If you had done something different

Slipping and falling through your hands and fingers

Sliding down your cheeks

And mixing in with your glistening eyes

Making your eyes gleaming

Even though you're crying for all the chances you've missed

You just say

"It's just the rain, don't worry about it,"

But those rain drops that slid down your face are possibilities being created

That someone will comfort you and see if you're okay

Or if your best friend will come up to you and hug you and help you through it

Or if you just need to let it out

And all the rain droplets that land on you are the possibilities waiting for you

Evaporating and waiting for the right time to come to you 

Or just slip by

So take the chances 

And see where your rain drops fall


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