Slam Behind The Curtain


Why do we hide who we are on the inside?

Are we worried about judgement?

We don't want to be denied by the people we love?

Why do we need to pretend we are something we're not?

What is the real reason?

The real reason is because we are all cowards.

Scared of being judged, denied, critiqued, hurt....

And I get that, but,

That should not control us, in the way it is now.

We should be bigger than the ones who hurt us.

But, we're not, we are cowards.


I will admit, I am a coward just like the rest of us.

I wake up every morning and put a smile on my face,

And i go through my day acting strong.

But, I am a coward as well,

I'm scared just like everyone else.

I hide behind my feelings, i hide behind lies,

And i surely hide behind my fears as well.


We need to rise against the fear, against the judgement.

If we don't we are going to be stuck, hiding.

We will be going through the same pain every single day

WE can do it. We just have to try.

We can not keep hiding behind the curtain.

The longer we hide, the worse it shall get for the rest of our lives.





I could have went on and on about this subject all day. But i made it a decently short poem.

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