Slicing through the Curtain


What prevents me from standing out?

Is it fear of what others think, that causes me to sink?

Am I correctly following the norm?

But I am doing a good job of being part of the crowd... Right?

Being part of the crowd should be enough to make me feel proud... Right?

Why should I stand out?

It is comfortable being a critic.

But at the same time being part of this crowd is turning my life acidic.

Do I have enough courage and guts to be a profound leader?

Do I have what it takes to turn every doubter into a believer?

Am I willing to work hard to become a shining star?

The ones who have the power to reach out and heal people's scars.

Will I be able to surpass the ones who are content?

Will i have the integrity to be the one to lead?

Or will I just fall back into the crowd that needs?

Can i be the one that is the voice that lots of people do not have?

Or will trying to just give the crowd another excuse to laugh?

No it will not.

Because I will not let it.

I will be the one to take the norm and shred it.

Because I will be the one who stands out.

I will have the courage to break off from the every day route.

Because I do not care what the crowd thinks.

Nobody will be the reason I sink.

Because I believe in me. 


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