Slow Motion

1041.7 miles every hour, is the speed at which the earth rotates But that speed seems a lot slower when you stop and realize all of things that are great. I hope you can relate to the fact that you are even able to read this is something you should stop and appreciate. Its true Life isn’t easy, no bake, like the oven, but I can tell you that I’m loving, the opportunity I get to live it. And make the most out of every awesome minute. I’ve come to the conclusion that not everything is worthy of awe so I strive to live my life seeing the things that really are. And I’m not talking about material things that could be bought. But more like irreplaceable memories, such as sitting on a mountaintop with your best friend, Learning something new that could change your life simply because you gave him time for thought. But as I assemble these rhymes importing the words from the corners of my mind, I can only reflect on what’s really awesome in life, And that’s being able to live your dreams, and you could expect, an inspirational quote here Then Id break it down for you like no fear Shakespeare. But honestly, I’d just rather tell you the truth that life doesn’t really have a bottled solution or magic potion The most Awesome things in life are the ones that take your breath away….. That make you see in Slow Motion

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