On a Snowy, Winter’s Day (My Half of Collab Poem)

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 11:02 -- ecimase

When I think of you

Of your bright smile


Your passion so true

My life is worth while

All the while

I am thinking of you


On a cold, Winter day

When we huddled together

Through brisk times


And gleaming skies

Where God climbs through

Though life’s been said

In some harsh note left in bed


Our warmth made this weary day

Melt into the stones and trees


Of what was once a beautiful world

May we both shine today

Yes today!


Not in yester of those dreary years

Made and spoiled by rotten tears

But today, today!


The thought of us

Impossible as it is

Drives me on to

Greater heights than before

Because I love the you,

I have come to know

And the other you,

I have yet to know


Regardless of the hardships

We were to face

Those cold places

Of broken dreams

And shattering friendships

Because life is so

Both beautiful at best

And horrendous at worst


Nature’s cold winds

Blowing through frozen trees

The harsh mountains

And endless, blue skies

May it all come into a beautiful light

As our souls become one

Through harmony and grace

At best through life’s endless chase


Adieu and Goodbye

To those endless times

Of loneliness and bittersweet rhymes

Because I have found you

My other half of humble glee

You and only you

May we stay

Together more

Never apart

In body and soul

Beneath this snowy winter’s day


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