So is it weird to say I think of life as my mentor because of its lessons...?

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 03:07 -- aflo97

Like a vine you have unwind

dear life of mine, awakening 

my heart, my soul, and mind.

I have learned through thoughts,

failing, succeeding,

questioning myself,

as well as reading, and rereading

previous chapters in my life.

By seeing where I have gone wrong, 

and realizing there has been times I stopped believing.

You have taught me I should keep swimming

even when I sabotage my own progress.

You know?

On the days when there is paranoia 

flooding out my veins,

making me fear taking any further steps.

You have reassured me I am not my mistakes, 

that one way or another 

I am bound to reach an end,

because I can overcome most of what is blocking my lane... and my brain.

Among other things through music and poetry,

you have helped me release pain, happiness, and rage I no longer needed.

You have been the mentor I subconsciously have seeded.

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