so thotful


I guess I'm confused how the term woman translated into bitch,
or why I have to constantly reiterate that we're woman not hoes to every dude I'm with. You must've lost your mind when you lost your respect 
Or you must've lost your respect when you thought I'd settle for less,
Let me guess...
Your use to effortless sex that's followed by 100 texts about how your just like the rest 
Nah not me, I could give a fuck about how many "bitches" you've fucked or seen your net worth, cars, shit even your dreams
In fact I'm more uninterested in what you have then what you lack.. Because what you have has nothing to do with where I'm at 
But that's just me ...
Placing myself on a pedestal that you can't reach,
the more you degrade me the closer I am to my peak,
The more I hear "bitches ain't shit" the better I push myself to be ...
The more I see woman giving themselves to these "men" who offer nothing but dick in their pants,
with the same hustle,
same goals,
same going no where ass plans,
It makes me wonder why you niggas try to be anything other than a fan. 


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