So This Is What They Call Depression

It's fascinating how, 


One can wake up and realize that

                                                                 The world's NOT THE SAME as it was

Yesterday or

                                                                 The day before;


That happiness is an


Not an



It was as if,

One night,

     There were neon letters flashing over my head advertising an

     All-you-can-eat buffet,

     And a colony of

     Enthusiasm-sucking parasites chanced upon me and said

     "Yes, please,"

And all they left was dirty dishes.


                  Dirty Dishes.


That's all I am:


  Dirty dishes that pile up beside

The sink

  Until they become such an eyesore that 

Some Poor Soul

  Has to brave the scraps and debris left behind by

Previous Diners

  Simply to rid their sink side of an

Unsightly blemish.


But who wants to spend precious moments of their

Oh-so-little time

Cleaning someone else's dirty dishes?


           NO ONE.


So each piece of me is thrown into

The dishwasher

And they leave me to move on with their life because







You live everyday.

You Only DIE Once,

But that's logical

And we can't have that

Can we?


So they leave me in the dishwasher





That some dishes

Aren't dishwasher safe.

And do you know what happens 

To dishes like these?




They break.


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