Society wants Daisy Buchanans.

I tell myself I am enough.
From the audience,
I see a smart girl
I see kind girl
I see an honest girl
I see an outgoing girl 
I see a small town dreamer
I see a leader
I see a hard worker
I see a girl who loves herself.
But behind the curtains,
I am a worthless pole
I am a clown
I am someone who tries too hard
I am a plastic girl
I am a pretty fool
I am Daisy Buchanan 
I am a girl who is nothing
I am a girl who hates herself
I am a girl with no opinion.
My brain reminds my of the girl of the girl on stage.
My soul screams she is enough!
I am enough!
But from the deepest part of my being there is a whisper,
Society's whisper,
I am not enough.
You are not enough.
And somehow the whisper overpowers the screams.
Sadly, the audience opens the curtain and finds the girl behind it is perfect in societies definition,
While the girl the audience booed off stage was perfect in her own.
So, the girl who loved herself hides backstage while the audience cheers for the pretty fool. 


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