A Solar Being

I am the sun. I am early and bright. I want to wake people up and make them feel alive. I want them to feel me on their skin like a warm fever. I want to affect people; I want to move them. I want to be the action, not the ripple effect. I want to be present, surrendering to what's in front of me: the new day that awaits.


Good and embracing, I am the sun.


I am the sun. I rise above. I can achieve all things. I beat on like the scorching heat. Unavoidable. I can crack pavements. With or without you, I'm here; I'm my own light. I can endure. I can persevere. If I want, I can burn. I can incinerate. I can be unforgiving.


Encompassing and powerful, I am the sun.


I am the sun. I sink and my color bleeds. I am blinding. I am a vision. Nostalgia, as a person. Vulnerable. I dip low, partially hidden by my own doing. I retract, lost in circular patterns; lost in routine. I can't be justified. I am not a concept. I am real. I don't owe explanations.


Enigmatic and galactic, I am the sun.

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