Someone like me


United States

Someone like me

Someone like me


Someone like me gets up everyday and does something new

Whenever if it's going to school

Or facing something new at home 

Everyday is a new day for me

Meaning no day is the same for me


Everyday as I get up

I see new things

Like how hard people try to change

On how bad they want to change


As I observe the world around me

Seeing that everyone wants to change

I have always wondered


Why do people want to change? 

What's wrong with being yourself?

Why is being yourself a bad thing?

Isn't that the thing that makes you unique?


Though I will be fair

And honest to myself

I had always wanted to change

To experince more in life

To be stronger

To show that I do have talents

To show I am worthy

Showing that I am perfect

That I am me


But as years go by

You know what I realized

That I am worthy for life

Being me is the best thing I can be

Knowing that I have the traits inside me

Knowing that this is the way I look

Knowing all my flaws and all my strengths

Knowing in the end, there's nothing you can do to completely change yourself

Becuase I am me

And being me is the only thing I can truly be



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