Song Of My Heart


I sing my heart,

and what I feel, you shall now feel,

for what I feel, you will now consume.

Here is the beating of the heart,

the movement within the soul.

Here is the start of a new beginning,

the dream that many hold.

Here is a man,

Here is a woman,

Here comes the stopping of time.

The shortness of breath,

the yearning to see, touch, and hear that person.

The questions you ask, who is he? what am I? are we real?

Diving deep into the night,

The endless conversations,

The laughs and cries,

The embracements of one another,

The fighting between you and I.

No longer will I fight you, for I should be fighting with you.

No longer will I wait,

Forever, I will strive for you.  

Come! you belong with me!

Come! let us join souls!

Come! you belong with me!

Now, no longer alone.



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