A Soul Incomplete


All is empty

then there's war

you see first, a ring

soon a kingdom.


Train your eyes

to become super

yet simplicity

can do it all.


Question everything, but believe in everyone.

Don't mind the mistakes that lead to success.

Ignore what yo do not know,

and care about the rest.


The mask is see through

but can you see me?

You must let me know who I am

for I don't know myself.


Those broken dreams of wishes

never known to me.

I've yet to find all those pieces

unless it's this that I'm meant to be.


You find them here and there

but will you really care?

It only takes one to remember

then the rest will stare.


The turmoils of emotions, rage, pace and mind

All inside one, with no one inside.

I've shared these troubles to no one.

Oh, how I've been kind.


Take my thoughts, which are worth no pay.

I'm not alone to breed them anyway.

who I was may have neer existed.

And who I am is far away.


The quest isn't over, for obstacles remain.

people came and went, left them in vain

I have nothing left but the loss of them.

A contradiction tha somehow has helped me sustain.


Fifteen years, and many more ahead

but centuries of chaos lay in my head.

Do you know who I am? Do know who I am?

The show isn't over when you go to bed.


Signals and clues, messages at night

some you remember, but most fly by.

Hold on to your dreams, keep them in a jar.

All together they might tell you who you really are.


Mines contain bits of subliminal might

which I have yet to understand.

They later exist, like the pen in my hand.

But about me, could they be right?


Choose from the controversy, which sounds best?

God's creation, evolution or some other 'wise' guess

Don't think too hard, simplicity is key

to unravel who you are and who I'll be.


What keeps me from being is me, in process

I still have yet to find my true self

Please let me know who I am

for I don't know myself.


All was empty

Then there was war

you first see a ring

soon a kingdom.


Train your eyes to become super,

yet simplicity will do it all.





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