Speaking! It's What I Do

Wed, 11/19/2014 - 18:50 -- jazles


Pros and Cons

I see them listed there on my paper

I choose one side

a side in which I'll reside

on watching grow 


take me futher than I know

I stand in front of the crowd

some are frightend 

but not I

for I know this is where I belong

in front of a crowd

Speaking! It's What I Do


Arguing with my opponents

I tend to stay where I need

no matter how hard I want to push off

I know what I have to do

to win

to adavance on 

to shed another layer

A layer that would go in the closet

The closet that I will look into later on in life

and see how far I've come

It is from doing what I love

Speaking! It's What I Do


Walking to receive my award

I've known this feeling for long

but each time it feels new 

like I've acheived another level in my life

that is because I have

When my name is called and I walk to get that trophy

I feel a rush

A rush that tells me I'm doing the right thing

A rush that tells me that no one can be me because

I am Flawless in what I do

and I know very well that I love

Speaking! It's What I Do

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