Split Decision

Her short hair so cute.

Her smile just right.

Eyes that are mesmerizing,

Shining in the light.

Her smallness is something to behold.

Her personality so bright.

I just want to hold her,

and protect her through the fight.


I'm split between two.

Am I right or wrong?

How do I decide?

I wish I knew.


His eyes such a pretty green.

I can't let go of you.

You've had my heart for so long,

I'm surprised I am not blue.

When you laugh,

There's nothing I can do,

but smile as I wish

I could keep you happy too.


I am split

Right down the middle.

The decision not yet made.

I don't know what to do.

I feel something for her.

I feel something for him.

What do I do?


You see, the problem

with being Bisexual,

Is that you don't know

what you want.

He's been there.

She's right here.

I really just don't know.

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