Split Personality

Hello boys and girls, I want to tell you all a story.

Do not worry this isn't long at all and I will be done here shortly.

Once upon a time there was a girl who looked just like me-

Seriously! All the way down to the bruise on my knee.

We walked the same and talked the same but we were completely different

Oh how could that be?!

Maybe because she was beligerent 

And I on the other hand I was sweet as tea.

I wanted to stay positive and love everyone

Yet, she was the girl who hated you for fun.

See, we looked the same but we had different personalities.

I loved all nationalities,

Meanwhile she was obsessed with casualties.

Listen when I say that we both looked the same!

I swear the girl who hurt you is not me, so do not blame!

We were like Dopplegangers,

but to strangers?

We are the same person.

See me and her collided into this one version,

but I can tell you for certain-

we are not the same person.


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