Stage Fright

Why does my pulse quicken and stomach sicken at your sight?

Words are at the tip of my tongue yet stay there, unmoving

They too, cower, knowing you will laugh at my plight

Intimidating everyone while looking harmless from afar 

Why can my mind scream and yell but mouth not even open well?

With hands shaking and throat trembling I confront your presence

Meekly and slowly I enter your frightening grasp

Because no matter how many times we meet

You seem to be a forever stranger to me

So I come, dragging, across your expanse, myself to sell

Yet with apathy you fight against me and show little care

Through an unknown force of will, this sickening feeling starts to fade

My brain composedly tries to remember essential tools 

To defeat my fear and crush my foe, this stage without a soul

"Pretend not a living soul is present" it stated

Here I go; there is no stopping me now

Next time, each time, you shall weaken against my success




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