Glowing a shade of red like no other,

The star shone down through the night sky.

Dancing on the water

And my eyes,

Almost blindingly brilliant.

Without fail,

Every night,

It would gleam from the heavens.

My telescope caught it’s brilliance,

But only from afar,

For how can the brilliance of such a star be captured.

It cannot,


Till one night,

As I looked up into the deep ocean above

It was gone.

The void was pain,

Its loss felt within my deepest soul,

But I knew



That it was not truly gone.

It’s light no longer shone.

Its’ brilliance no longer reached my searching eyes,

But it was there.

The light that shone was still there,

It was just my eyesight that was failing me.

The consolation came to me with a rush,

Swift and brisk as a flurry of snow,

That now it shone,

Bright and brilliant as ever;

Even more.

But now it shone for one’s eyes,

Eyes far keener than mine had ever been.


You will be missed,

Shining, brilliant, wonder.

But I am filled and made complete

By your light.



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My family
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