Staring at a blank canvas


Orem Utah
315 W 1200 N Orem
United States
34° 26' 13.3152" N, 89° 55' 33.3768" W

Have you ever felt like you’re staring at a black canvas? This canvas represents your life. Your brush is your heart, it influences and is controlled by your brain. Your soul and emotions are the paint of vibrant colors and your brain is the water? You dip your heart into your soul and emotions, a beautiful idea or image emerges but when you go to paint, it fades to nothing? Like crumpled papers of  ideas and thoughts scattered beneath your feet on the floor. You dip your heart into your brain and it becomes murky. Clouded. You feel like you KNOW… something….some beautiful genius masterpiece, also known as your purpose, your true potential, the one thing that makes you feel unique or like an individual is somewhere inside of you clawing to get out? Screaming. But you just can’t get to it. You try and try. You paint and paint but somehow it just keeps fading. And your left…staring at a blank canvas.

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