Staring at my doppelganger

Hey, how are you? Are you fine? Good? What-

My mind would cut off the constant thoughts in my head

With every oppurtunity that presented itself

I use to neglect the thought of any success

Insecurties are deeply rooted in the soul

it entwines our greatest weaknesses and creates a catastrophe on the inside

I say doppleganger because when I use to stare  at myself i'll see a stranger

I wasn't, I never, I couldn't 

The progess of growth was halted by my inconsistency of moving forward

However, staring at my doppleganger in the mirror gave me a dawning relization

What is life without acknowledging thyself?

What is life when I'm moving through the motions like a cloud? 

I was dead on the inside and never acknowledged the potential I have inside

My reflection use to mock me but I didn't back down 

I am, I witness, I captured the essence of me

The enemy, the biggest evil, was me

With every power I could muster I shatterd the glass in my mind

and created a beautiful perfect picture of myself

I am thankful for living life as I opened my eyes towards the bigger picture

Staring at my doppleganger helped, I now no longer stare at a stranger

I am better in the most way, I helped myself and picked myself up

Actually living is a given, I'm starting this new year with literally the new me 

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