As the Stars See


I want to touch the stars
and hang on till my feet leave the ground
Yes,my fingers will burn
as I clench with all my might
the emerald in the sky,but it will be worth it.
Because once I hoist myself on top of it, I will
sit on top of the world,and see as the stars see.
I will see all the beauty and the tragedy,mixed
together like paint on an old easel.
I just hope,when I get up there, that there is
more of one color than the other.
But either way, I know I will not be able to hold the tears
that fall,from sadness and from joy,as I gaze on the world
I was born in.
I just hope,no, I pray, that those tears of compassion and
empathy fall on someone who needs them.
Someone whose paint had hardened,and all they needed
was a little water to loosen the paint
so that it could mix and make a more beautiful color.
A color mixed with pain and joy and compassion.
Because that color,once put on the canvas,will
outshine all others, and make
the masterpiece God had intended their life to be.


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