I don't care about your family, I came here to learn.

Or about your opinion on the government,

Or how you and your husband are fighting,

Or how I remind you of your daughter that moved to Iowa.

I go to school to learn, not to get updates about your messed up life.


You don't care if I'm really learning or not. I mean you're doing your part and that's good enough for you, right?

Its not your concern that the kid in the back is getting bullied everyday and you just happen to "not notice",

Or how every once in a while you pretend to actually care about what we have to say,

Or how you like to watch us fail because you think its funny, 

Or how sometimes your sick personality gets the best of you and you say something you don't mean but you don't even bother apologizing. 

Just stop.

Grow up and be a good teacher.

Fix everything you're doing because it's obviously not working for you, me, and the rest of your 178 students. 


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