Bedtime is here

It's time to sleep.

"Aww momma! Not now!

I cannot keep

My dolly waiting for me!"


I'd pout! I'd hide!

You name it

I tried!

I want 5 more minutes to play!


My playtime was done

My momma had won

As she carried Dolly and I up to bed


"We're not tired!" I cried

"I'm thirsty!" I lied

I'm not ready to go to sleep!


To my surprise

She said "Don't close your eyes!"

I have a story

I want you to hear.


After that night

I rarely did fight

When it was nighttime

I went to bed.


I would lie there and wait

Sometimes very late

To hear how the story would end.


As a grown up now

Would you like to see

How that very first story

Has affected me?


Drive by my house late and

Look for the light

I'll be writing a story

Hope to finish tonight!


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