The Story of Us (My best friends story)

It all started when we were just friends

slowly becoming lovers

You told me you loved me

But little did I know those words were fictitious

You asked me if we were possible

But of course I said no because of our mothers

Two best friends that grew to their children being best friends

It was just inevitable


Years later you are gone and I'm starting my new life

Your in college

I'm on my last year of high school

I will never love again

Three months later I get a call and its you

I hear the sincerity and your cry

I wanted nothing more then to crawl in your arms

But I was still hurt

I hung up with no goodbye


A week later your at my door

I opened it and you kiss me with passion and love

That night we were no longer apart but as one

We were the happiest we could be but then the letter came in

You were being drafted, front line

We said our good byes

Tears were shed

Kisses were shared


A week later a surprise popped up

A beautiful little merical was growing my stomach

I sent a letter but no reply

I waited days then weeks

January 11, 2013 at 2:13 pm it came

You were gone and I was left with our daughter.

Your mother had told me what happened

You were bombed while trying save your friend

Seven months our baby girl was born

She has your eyes

Your smile

Your laugh

And I knew she was going to be every part of you


I thank you for brining me such joy

Such love

Our daughter is now two and in two months will be three

She laughs and plays and is so energetic

I still cry every night for you

But I know your watching over us

I still remember our first kiss

I didn't just lose my lover but my best friend

RIP John *******


This poem is about: 
My family
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